Jurassic World

I have to say, I’m with the paleontologists on the Jurassic World trailer. I mean, I’m pretty much always happy to see a bunch of big dinosaurs running around… although the genetically modified one looks like a step too far… but I think they really did miss an opportunity here. I would have loved to have seen dinosaurs which reflected the discoveries that have been made since the first film came out; dinosaurs with quills and feathers. So here is my picture of Jurassic World. Which will not impress any paleontologists as I have made up all the dinosaurs!


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They’re Here… And you can buy them!

The Christmas Cards I designed arrived today in the post, and very festive they look too, if I do say so myself. So if you’re looking for something a bit different, visit my shop!



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Christmas Card #4

The fourth in the series… Possibly the last because I have to start printing these things before, you know, Christmas. Or Yule. Or Saturnalia… Whatever floats your boat!





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Christmas Card #3

My latest Christmas Card design… Available for purchase soon!



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Christmas Card #2

The next in the series of Christmas cards I’m preparing for sale at the Christmas Market in December. I’ll do a proper posting about the market nearer the time, but the details are as follows:

Christmas fair and festival Extravaganza on the 13th and 14th of December at the Bussey Building in Peckham.

The festival will include such things as: An arts markets of emerging artists and their beautiful wares, live music from up and coming artists, spoken word, arts/craft workshops, talks, Mince pies, mulled wine and warming winter food

Should be fun!


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Christmas Card #1

I’m doing a Christmas market in December to sell prints, so I decided to design some Christmas cards to sell too. Here is my first design; those familiar with my work will be prepared for the less-than-cosy result. It’s perhaps appropriate that I’ve posted this on Halloween!


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Robin Hood

Another alternative film poster… This one for one of my favourite so-bad-it’s-good films, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I love its flagrant historical inaccuracy, dodgy geography (Hadrian’s wall? Near Nottingham Forest? Really?), Alan Rickman, and terrible… I mean amazing dialogue:  ‘This is English Courage!’ said in an American accent. Such fun!

I actually finished this last week and I wasn’t going to post it because I’m not mad about the result, but then I figured I might come to like it retrospectively so here it is for what it’s worth…


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Kung Fu Hustle

I love Kung Fu films. Here is an imaginary poster -not completely finished but I sort of like this stage so I’m posting it now- for a kung-Fu film. In my mind, it would be one of my favourite old-school films where there were no special effects and massive set-pieces, just pure FIGHTING. I’ve included some villains, an annoying kung-fu master, and an angry and vengeful hero up against impossible odds. I seem to be very pink at the moment (see previous post for confirmation); maybe I’ll branch out and go blue next time..?

Points for those who get the 37th chamber reference; we on a swarm.


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Alternative Movie Posters

Here’s my alternative movie poster for the film 28 Days Later. Possibly it makes it look misleadingly jolly.


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A Dyslexic’s Lament

This is a picture I’ve done for a brief, just as practise really. It was for a poem which described the trouble the poet had as a child with numbers, something I could well relate to. Actually I still have trouble with numbers. I can’t print the poem, sadly. Again, I’ve gone for the childish style, because it seemed appropriate to the subject matter.


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