I took this about as far as I wanted to. Always a bit difficult to know when to stop. I usually regret making something that looks too smooth; I like to see the brush marks (even if they are digital). So, my initial intention was to do a horse and rider. I lived in America for a year and I was impressed and awed -even a little cowed- by the magnitude of the land. I visited Joshua Tree and Yosemite and Yellowstone national parks, and I thought a lot about the settlers. I’m also a big Cormac McCarthy fan and I enjoyed the Lonesome Dove books by Larry McMurphy. I wanted to do a character dwarfed by a vast hostile environment, who might be surviving or might be fading.

I’ve included that version here… But I actually prefer the one with just the horse. I could probably have done a better job painting the man, but I also think the picture is more interesting without him- I prefer the horse as the protagonist! But I think its interesting to see both.





With Rider


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