Swamp Man

I have a book of cajun folk tales, most of which seem to have been invented in order to scare kids into obedience. As you’d expect, a lot of them are swamp-based. One of my favourites is a character called Half-Man, who is a man cut in half length-ways, therefore having only one leg and one arm. He gets about by bending backwards and holding his leg to make himself into a wheel (a lot like the yoga position of the same name, only with less limbs). In the version I read he accompanied this by the words ‘Ooga booga, I’m gonna gitcha!’ which adds a bit of comedy to what is actually a pretty horrific image. Anyway, this isn’t half man, this is just some kind of swamp-dwelling aberration with which I wouldn’t dream of scaring any kids. Not that it would. Kids today are tough.


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