Stupor Heroes

Bit of a contrast to yesterday’s post (which freaks me out a bit…. when I look at it from far away it almost looks like a photograph. but because it isn’t a photograph, it looks a bit wrong… But if you didn’t see yesterda’s post from a distance you wont know what I’m talking about) here are some rubbish super heroes who probably live in Space somewhere.


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London-based freelance illustrator/ storyboard artist. Please feel free to contact me with queries. Car Crash Central welcomes careful drivers - Enjoy your stay!
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2 Responses to Stupor Heroes

  1. Brendan says:

    Maybe they live on a planet where everyone is a super hero apart from a very small number of people who just walk everywhere, talk about mundane things, and have boring office jobs. On this planet the highest-grossing films are about these people, and the superheroes gather in their thousands at conventions where they geek out over their humdrum lives.

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