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Musical Animals

These are the designs for all the creatures I did for the music project. I had a limited amount of time in which to design them so they’re not slick… But I think some of them are quite cute. They’re … Continue reading

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No, not the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, thank crikes. I’ve done some illustrations for a music project. I didn’t have long to do them as they have their presentation on Tuesday and they needed 8 different characters… I did … Continue reading

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These are some paintings I did while coming up for the concept of an album cover for Bisser Kostadinov, a Bulgarian opera singer with a wonderful bass voice. None of these is the final image; I will post that when … Continue reading

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Images for Songs

I’m doing some illustrations for a book of songs. The songs for the book haven’t been finalised yet, so I’ve just been messing around with some ideas. They’re folk songs, and the illustrations need to be black and white. Here … Continue reading

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