In the Forest

I’m having a terrible day. Everything’s going wrong. Oh well… You don’t get a rainbow without the rain… so here is something very rainbow! I did a couple of versions for different moods. My first version was the massively bright one and I thought ‘Eek, should tone that down’ (although I love bright saturated colours and want everything to look like an ice cream wrapper, possibly from another planet) so I tried it out desaturated and also a yellower version to try and reflect some of the influences (Islamic art and Indian art). In the end though? I just like the original. Its the way it should be… like a party with too much sugar. Which I sort of need today. I’ll have to settle for tea though… speaking of which (makes cup of tea, breathes rapidly into paper bag, lies down with flannel over face)

Saturated version:

Forest_Acid_Version01smYellow version… which doesn’t really look that different:



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London-based freelance illustrator/ storyboard artist. Please feel free to contact me with queries. Car Crash Central welcomes careful drivers - Enjoy your stay!
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2 Responses to In the Forest

  1. It's me says:

    Fabulous drawing. I rather love the saturated one, full of e-numbers though it is, but actually it’s brilliant just in black and white.

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