City Eats

Its been a bit of a while since my last post. I’ve started a new part-time job and its been eating up the hours, but things should level out soon so hoping to get back to more drawing. In the mean time, here is my latest. I wasn’t specifically thinking of anything while I was drawing it apart from possibly sink holes (all the flooding in the UK this year has led to some sink holes opening up, and also in general… sink holes! Just google them. Absolutely terrifying) but when it was finished I realised the monsters looked like giant vermin. Massive Medieval vermin monsters from hell.

Its A2 in real life,but here’s the little version.




About carcrashcentral

London-based freelance illustrator/ storyboard artist. Please feel free to contact me with queries. Car Crash Central welcomes careful drivers - Enjoy your stay!
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2 Responses to City Eats

  1. Andrew Medhurst says:

    Glad you’ve not lost your ability to unnerve in a decorative fashion. I’ll be glad when you get back to full production. What’s this part-time job like? Jolly? Good fun? Do let us know x

  2. Its tour guiding, so loads of fun, but also having to help them out with some admin until they hire a full-time person so that’s less fun. Admin and me aren’t the best of friends!

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