Tattoos and mild, stylised violence

Sailors fighting in the dance hall

Oh man!

Look at those cavemen go

– David Bowie, Life on Mars

A big fight between some very tattooed fellows. I think they are all from different clans or guilds; each man has a different theme in his tattoos- to name a few there are insects, horses, food, riches, luck, fishes, and assorted patterns. As individuals they are like canvasses, but when they fight together they become a sort of confusing mass of pictures and limbs.







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London-based freelance illustrator/ storyboard artist. Please feel free to contact me with queries. Car Crash Central welcomes careful drivers - Enjoy your stay!
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5 Responses to Tattoos and mild, stylised violence

  1. edenfre says:

    This is amazing! I guess you spent a little while drawing it? :p

  2. Andrew Medhurst says:

    Hi! You seem to have been Extremely Quiet recently. Nice new work. How’s the link to get my beautiful print of what’s in the Transport Museum going? Last time you were on the verge of getting technical help from Quentin…please advise. Love x

  3. Hello! I got knocked out by a really nasty bout of the flu so I’ve been out of it for a little while, but back on track again now and have a show coming up… I still need to chat to Quentin about that button!!!
    Until I sort things out, I’m selling prints here: xxx

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