Running Away to Sea

I’ve just spent a week crewing a tall ship. It was amazing.

I’ve always been a fan of things nautical, so I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to doing this. Pulling on ropes, climbing ratlines, stowing sails… and singing shanties on the foredeck. It was basically like all my childhood dreams come true (apart from that one with the flying horse. That didn’t feature).

We were split into three watches: red, white and Blue. I was Blue watch. With representatives from Red and White watch I made this Track Chart. This is something that is done on every voyage, and I wish I had copies of some of the other charts made by past crews because they made fun reading. The chart needed to include the names of all the crew, the number of miles sailed and the route taken, and any incidents of interest that we could fit in. Here it is:



I took some photographs but most of them were terrible! Luckily, we had a photographer on board so I hope to steal a lot of her photographs. Here is a semi-decent one of the ship I took from the little rig that was kept on board


This is what she looks like in full sail (its a bit odd referring to a ship called Stavros as She…)


So you can probably expect some more sea-related pictures from me in the near future!


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1 Response to Running Away to Sea

  1. Andrew Medhurst says:

    Wow. You’re very brave. I’d have been afraid of all that very wet water…there again, having been raised in Bristol may have predisposed you to matters nautical. Well done, old girl xx

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