The Third Instalment

The story continues apace…



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The next episode…

Part the next of my Cornish detective story…



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Hello Again

Life. It is very time-consuming. Its been a long while since my last post, and much has happened… I’ve created a lot of stuff that may or may not appear in the blog at some stage; some of it is much too rough and developmental. I am temporarily scanner-less which has made things a bit tricky, but I hope to get hold of one in the not-too-distant future.

One of the things I struggle with is having too many ideas and not enough time to execute them. One particularly light and fluffy idea that didn’t seem worthy of greatly detailed artwork but was nevertheless something I wanted to get out of my system was a series of gently surreal detective stories based in Cornwall. Hint: we’re not talking murder here.

I love Cornwall. And I love detective stories. I’ve written a few very silly stories based in the fictional Cornish town of St. Blazes, featuring detective Poltroon. The style is quick and childish. Here are the first three pages of one of the stories… I’m off to Paris for a  few days after posting but hopefully I’ll be able to keep the story trickling through.





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Jurassic World

I have to say, I’m with the paleontologists on the Jurassic World trailer. I mean, I’m pretty much always happy to see a bunch of big dinosaurs running around… although the genetically modified one looks like a step too far… but I think they really did miss an opportunity here. I would have loved to have seen dinosaurs which reflected the discoveries that have been made since the first film came out; dinosaurs with quills and feathers. So here is my picture of Jurassic World. Which will not impress any paleontologists as I have made up all the dinosaurs!


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They’re Here… And you can buy them!

The Christmas Cards I designed arrived today in the post, and very festive they look too, if I do say so myself. So if you’re looking for something a bit different, visit my shop!


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Christmas Card #4

The fourth in the series… Possibly the last because I have to start printing these things before, you know, Christmas. Or Yule. Or Saturnalia… Whatever floats your boat!





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Christmas Card #3

My latest Christmas Card design… Available for purchase soon!



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Christmas Card #2

The next in the series of Christmas cards I’m preparing for sale at the Christmas Market in December. I’ll do a proper posting about the market nearer the time, but the details are as follows:

Christmas fair and festival Extravaganza on the 13th and 14th of December at the Bussey Building in Peckham.

The festival will include such things as: An arts markets of emerging artists and their beautiful wares, live music from up and coming artists, spoken word, arts/craft workshops, talks, Mince pies, mulled wine and warming winter food

Should be fun!


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Christmas Card #1

I’m doing a Christmas market in December to sell prints, so I decided to design some Christmas cards to sell too. Here is my first design; those familiar with my work will be prepared for the less-than-cosy result. It’s perhaps appropriate that I’ve posted this on Halloween!


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Robin Hood

Another alternative film poster… This one for one of my favourite so-bad-it’s-good films, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I love its flagrant historical inaccuracy, dodgy geography (Hadrian’s wall? Near Nottingham Forest? Really?), Alan Rickman, and terrible… I mean amazing dialogue:  ‘This is English Courage!’ said in an American accent. Such fun!

I actually finished this last week and I wasn’t going to post it because I’m not mad about the result, but then I figured I might come to like it retrospectively so here it is for what it’s worth…


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