Beware the Suburbs

Its been a mad few weeks. In conjunction with getting some freelance work, my computer died a horrible gargling death right before the deadline. Hours were spent on the phone to remote IT departments in far off lands, who ultimately were unable to help. I also had the flu. It was a less than ideal situation all round. I managed to get the work done with the help of my friends, sent everything in, then locked myself out of my house… at 11.30 at night. Once again rescued by my friends. They are the tops.

So, everything seemed to be back on track, and I have some more freelance work which is brilliant, so what do I do? I manage to break the cable on my cintiq. Seriously. Something is cosmically out-of-whack right now, because everything really good is followed by something really bad is followed by something really good etc ect… its exhausting! I hope the new cable arrives soon (eugh, so expensive) because I’ve been spoiled by the cintiq. Working on a regular wacom tablet now seems like the clunkiest process in the world… How was I ever okay with this?

Anyway, suffice to say, there will be a hiatus in my comic while I get this professional work done (by the skin of my teeth yet again). In the mean time, here is some work in progress. I’m working on a series of loosely narrative images about a fictional Suburban town. I’ve decided not to go into clean-up on this until I have the cintiq up and working again, and as you can see I managed to miss a bit when I was scanning.



About carcrashcentral

London-based freelance illustrator/ storyboard artist. Please feel free to contact me with queries. Car Crash Central welcomes careful drivers - Enjoy your stay!
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2 Responses to Beware the Suburbs

  1. Racharoonie says:

    This piece is ace! I hope your bad luck turns around

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